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Thursday, 10 June 2021

English Grammar Quiz-ENG-2021/04( Proverbs)

 Directions Given below are the proverbs which are given with blank spaces. You should choose the correct word out of the four responses to complete the proverb.

1. A______apple injures its companions.

HP Exams Adda-ENG-2021/04

(a) good 

(b) tasty 

(c) fresh 

(d) rotten

2. Knowledge is_______.

HP Exams Adda-ENG-2021/04

(a) health

(b) ignorance

(c) foolish

(d) power

3. Prevention is better than______.

HP Exams Adda-ENG-2021/04

(a) destruction 

(b) medicine

(c) cure

(d) death

4. Make hay while the ______shines.

HP Exams Adda-ENG-2021/04

(a) moon 

(b) star 

(c) sun

(d) bulb

5. Drowning man catches at a_______.

HP Exams Adda-ENG-2021/04

(a) water 

(b) straw 

(c) bank 

(d) earth

6. Half a loaf is better than no_______.

HP Exams Adda-ENG-2021/04

(a) meat 

(b) water 

(c) milk 

(d) bread

7. There is many a slip between the cup and the____.

HP Exams Adda-ENG-2021/04

(a) lip 

(b) mouth 

(c) hand 

(d) arm

8. Diamond cuts_______.

HP Exams Adda-ENG-2021/04

(a) iron

(b) gold

(c) silver

(d) diamond

9. Kill not the goose that lays the_____eggs.

HP Exams Adda-ENG-2021/04

(a) golden

(b) iron 

(c) silver 

(d) bronze

10. Time and tide waits for_____

HP Exams Adda-ENG-2021/04

(a) everyone

(b) some

(c) none

(d) youth

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